Technische Ausstattung

Our mineralogical laboratories hosts  a series of high resolution nanotools for studying the crystal-chemistry of fine-grained materials. Our prime techniques involve combining X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy (scanning and transmission modes) for characterizing and monitoring the crystal-chemsitry of fine particle mineral reactions in various geological and geotechnical settings. A summary of our analytical instruments is listed as follows:

Röntgendiffraktometrie (XRD)

Bruker D8 Advance

- Humidity chamber
- High temperature reaction chamber
- Wet-cell XRD cells

Bruker D5000 X-ray diffractometer
- 40facher Probenwechsler
- Cu-Röntgenröhre





Elektronenmikroskopie (TEM | SEM | FIB-SEM | REM)

Installed 2021
Jeol Jem 2100 Plu (DFG instrument: Project number 428027021)
High resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) 200 kV 
LaB6 cathode
- Oxford instruments EDX (100mm2 X-Max detector) and AZtec software
- Selective electron diffraction analyses
- CMOS camera system (TemCam-XF416)
- SE and BSE dectectors
- Sample cooling stage
 - Magnet field compensator

Publications that involved the used of this instrument

Zeiss-Evo MA 10
Rasterelektronenmikroskop mit Energiedispersiver Röntgenspektroskopie (REM-EDX)
- Wolframfilament
- 3 nm Auflösung bei 30 kV
- Variabler Druckbereich (10 - 400 Pa)
- Sekundärelektronenselektor (SE)
- Rückstreuelektronendetetor (BSD)
- EDX-Detektor: EDAX Element
- bis 30 kV Beschleunigungsspannung

Zeiss Auriga Crossbeam microscope
Focused ion beam - electron microscopy (FIB-SEM)
- Cryostat
- Manipulator
- Secondary electron detector
- ESB backscatter electron detector
- EBSD Oxford instruments detector
- INCA EDX analyses (with 80mm2 Oxford instruments detector)


Thermisch- und chemische Analysesysteme (TG-DTA | RFA)

Differential thermal analyses
- upto 1600 °C
- air and inert gas









Eppendorf Zentrifuge 5810 R

Heraeus Durchfluss-Zentrifuge 17RS