The master’s degree course “Earth Sciences” requires certain entry requirements that you must meet (see General Information). You can start the course in both the summer and winter semester. However, we suggest that you start your course in the winter semester.

There are different enrolment procedures depending on where you gained your previous qualifications.

German degree

If you did your undergraduate degree or gained your qualifications in Germany, please enrol online here [de].

The next enrolment takes place in the winter semester 2020. The enrolment should be done online (see link above). The enrolment period is from 03.08. - 02.10.2020. A personal registration is also possible in the specified period.

Non-German degrees

Students with non-German degrees must apply through "Uni-Assist". Next application will start in May for winter semester 2020. Deadline for winter application will be 15.07.2020. Detailed information regarding the application procedure and the fill-in form, click the link below. A written application must be sent to the following address.

University of Greifswald 
c / o UNI-ASSIST eV 
11507 Berlin

An online application is highly recommended and managed by "Uni-Assist".