A student normally knows Geoscience just from classes in school. At universities geosciences will be subdivided into Geography and Geology.

In Geography are discussed both problems with spatial aspects of economic and social sciences (human geography) and problems with a scientific background (Physical Geography). According to the Lexikon der Geographie (2002, p.15) "Geography is the science of the earth's surface in their spatial differentiation, their physical condition as well as space and place of human life and action." Study of Geography

Geology is the science of the composition and the evolution of our planet. It investigates processes occurring deep within the Earth as well as on its surface, chemistry of minerals and rocks and conditions leading to their formation, their structures and age. Furthermore, geology cares about the evolution of life as well as applied topics such as the formation of ore deposits and their discovery. Geology therefore links Earth sciences with more lab-oriented natural sciences such as chemistry, physics and biology. Study of Geology