Baltic Heritage Routes. Development of Heritage Tourism Infrastructure in the South Baltic Area

Mittelgeber: Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020

Laufzeit: 2017-2020

LeitungDipl.-Oec. Betina MelißProf. Dr. Daniel Schiller

BearbeitungDipl.-Oec. Betina Meliß



  • University of Gdansk (PL) – Lead Partner
  • Kretinga District Municipality Administration (LT)
  • Plunge District Municipality Administration (LT)
  • Telsiai District Municipality Administration (LT)
  • Municipality of Lebork (PL)
  • National Foundation for Enterprise Culture (PL)
  • The Local Tourist Association “Ziemia Leborska – Leba” (PL)
  • Westpomeranian Voivodship (PL)
  • Northern Chamber of Commerce (PL)
  • People’s Universities in Kristianstad (SE)

Assoziierte Partner:

  • Institute for Development (PL)
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce (PL)
  • Fair Play Enterprise Ltd. (PL)
  • (DK)
  • Mörrum Royal Crown Salmon Fishing (SE)
  • County of Vorpommern Greifswald (DE)
  • Jurbarkas Tourist and Business Information Centre (LT)
  • Art of Fishing (SE)
  • Kashubian-Pomeranian Association in Chwaszczyno (PL)
  • Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society Gdansk branch (PL)



South Baltic Region (SBR) is the region which splits into separated tourism blocks with different images divided into: Baltic States, Scandinavia, Coastal Poland and Coastal Germany. The fact is that the most of tourist multi-day tours packages concerning SBR are offered within blocks other than SBR. The SBR seems to be too small, too compact and difficult to design top Baltic Sea Tours. The compact size of the SBR, which makes it difficult to create massive flow of circular tourism, is however the benefit for sustainable, individual or small groups, tourism. The distances are moderate, intra-sea connections are possible mostly in a couple of hours, overnight or one day maximum, roads are less congested than in the interior and there is moderate density of population. All those factors facilitate sustainable tourism but the most of tourist offers very rarely reflect to SBR in cross-border dimension.   

The proposed project aims at construction and implementation in life 8 Heritage Routes and a package of 8 multi-day SB Dream Tours joining the potentials located at SBR. The Tours will be thematic – based on unique concepts, sustainable – individual or small groups, environmentally friendly, respecting locality and culture; smart – with advanced software and extensive information coverage facilitating travel and interactive on the forum, dream – with media material - beautiful and impressive photos and movies building imagination of something unusual in life, tours – typically up to 2 weeks of real life adventures. Each planned Dream Tour will be based on heritage route and will be tested by Exploration Trip broadly reported to social media. The strong involvement of tourism business to project activities from the beginning will facilitate the adoption of the tourist products in real business operations. Ideas will be turned into real vacation offers.