Regional Development

Regional disparities, their causes and consequences, as well as corresponding policy approaches represent a core issue in the field of economic geography. The Junior Professorship in Regional Development considers such regional perspectives on economic development.

A central theme of research is the role of population in regional economic processes and outcomes. The size and composition of population is an important factor in a region’s economic structure and performance. Therefore, shifts in population, such as widespread ageing or population shrinkage caused by demographic change can have far-reaching consequences on regional economies and societies. The Junior Professorship in Regional Development investigates these consequences as well as other population-related processes such as migration patterns or the effects of population diversity. Moreover, emphasis is placed on the role of institutions in mediating the effects of population shifts.

Further topics within this section are perspectives on knowledge-based regional development, i.e. questions on how regions develop and maintain innovative capacity, and resilience in the face of technological and societal shifts.


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Regional Development

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