General Information

Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years)
Degree: M.Sc. (Master of Science)
Costs: no tuition fees, on enrolment: € 124 once, semester fee (currently): 99 EUR

Study start: either Winter Semester (suggested) or Summer Semester
Study requirements:

  • First professional university degree in a natural science degree course, which was completed with an overall mark of at least “good” (2.5) or average percentage rating of 75%, or a comparable mark.
  • At least 20 % of the ECTS credit points from the first professional university degree should come from an area related to geology (not necessary for focus point “Quaternary Sciences”)
  • TOEFL or IELTS test in English (Level B2) or alternatively proof of at least seven years of English lessons at school


  • interest in the natural sciences
  • interest in an interdisciplinary course
  • willingness to participate in field studies (regional and global)

(Note for international students: B. Eng./ B. Tech. Civil engineering and B.Eng./ B. Tech. Environmental Sceince without minor in geology do not fulfill the admission requirements!)